Career fair focuses on medical marijuana jobs

PHOENIX – For anyone who’s ever thought about a job in the medical marijuana field, a 3-day cannabis career fair and expo event is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to show that there’s a whole lot more to the industry than just growing the product.

“These were jobs that were held by cartels down in Mexico,” said medical marijuana expert Dimitri Downie. “These are now shifting to Arizona employees who are taxed. And it’s an exciting time.”

Downie will be one of the many people who will be on a panel and presenting that the expo. He says there will be businesses looking to recruit. There are about 100 dispensaries in Arizona, where it is a $200 million a year industry.

Pay can start anywhere from $10-$15 an hour for basic retail jobs. It can go all the way up to a six figure salary for an owner or CEO of an emerging company.

“What we see is people starting at the bottom, and then rising really quickly with a company,” said Downie.

There are many jobs that require a business background. Companies are now looking for managers, branding experts, marketing experts and new owners and operators.

For the president of Tru Med Dispensary in Phoenix, Lauren Gooding says at first, she was nervous to tell people she left her oncology nursing job to be in the pot field. But she says the stigma and the thoughts are changing.

“This is going nationwide,” said Gooding. “People are now not looking down on it. They’re more interested in it and want to know how I got into it.”

abc15 – Tim Tobin

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