Atmos Offer


Since opening in 2011 we have facilitated thousands of medical marijuana certifications for the Department of Health and patients across Arizona. 
UnitedMMC has recommended using concentrates with a vaporizer when possible to avoid inhalation health risks. 
A common question asked is what concentrates to buy and how do you use them?
After lots of questions directed at dispensaries and patients, we found a specific vaporizer that we recommend because of these five criteria:
  • ease of use
  • quality
  • functionality
  • price
  • works with waxes and oils
United MMC contacted the manufacturer and has partnered with Atmos. We would like to offer this product at a fraction of the cost to our patients. This vaporizer pen has an MSRP of $79.99 and we are able to offer this “one time”  cost to our patients at $39.99.
We know these can be expensive in retail settings so anything helps. If you are interested in taking advantage of this with our clinic, please click the link below to take advantage today. 

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